VEIT Construction leverages Hireline to optimize its hiring economics by going beyond job boards

reduction in time to hire
applicant flow

VEIT is one of the Midwest’s leading specialty contracting and waste management companies. With operations across various states, VEIT offers services across earthwork, demolition, utilities, and more.

Industry: Construction

Size: 501-1000

Low Candidate Flow

VEIT faced challenges in sourcing suitable candidates for craft roles and project management positions due to a scarcity of skilled labor and high demand across the construction industry. The company specifically struggled to find qualified Heavy Equipment Operators, CDL-A Rolloff Drivers, and specialized Project Managers in areas like Earthwork, Foundation, and Demolition.

While utilizing Indeed, their primary sourcing platform, VEIT encountered limitations as the candidate pool often dried up. Urgently needing to bolster ongoing projects, VEIT sought alternative channels to generate a higher volume of quality applicants.


VEIT addressed their candidate flow challenges by using Hireline. Hireline enabled VEIT to source outside of traditional job boards and directly engage with passive candidates on social media.

In addition to expanding their candidate pool, VEIT also optimized for quality by leveraging the platform's chat screener tool to evaluate candidates based on their experience.

This approach to reaching passive candidates proved invaluable, particularly for Project Manager candidates who often elude job board searches since they’re oftentimes already employed.By utilizing programmatic ads on social media, VEIT managed to connect with these professionals who were casually interacting on platforms like YouTube and Instagram during their leisure time.

This approach exposed qualified candidates who were previously unaware of VEIT Construction to the company’s employment opportunities. Consequently, VEIT's recruitment team cultivated a fresh stream of promising leads to engage and integrate into their candidate pipeline.


VEIT saw results within two days of launching with Hireline. Over the course of a month, VEIT managed to triple their usual candidate flow. This influx of candidates translated into tangible results, with numerous successful hires made across their craft positions.

Equally impressive, VEIT was able to transform their previously stagnant pipeline for Project Manager candidates into a thriving source of potential hires. With this new talent pool, the company was able to strategically evaluate and select from a more diverse pool of candidates which ultimately resulted in impactful hires for critical Project Manager roles.