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How it Works

Hireline allows you to run job postings as ad campaigns on social media

Hireline generates ad content for your job

Upon providing your job details, Hireline will parse your job into a high converting ad. The ad is further optimized as we get more data from actually running the campaign.

Easily scale up or down as needed

Decide how much you want to spend on each job per day. You can start, stop, pause, and scale ads up as your positions open and close.

Incoming candidates appear directly on your calendar

As candidates click your add and fill out a job application, candidates will become available in your Hireline dashboard. Candidates can also be auto-scheduled to your calendar.

Explore new recruitment opportunities

Why source on social media?

Reach more, higher quality candidates

At any given time, around 40% of workers report being "open" to new opportunities without actively searching - passive candidates.

If you're able to find passive candidates, they are more engaged, more cost-effective, and make for better hires, given that they aren't actively considering several other positions.


Pictured: A live example of a Hireline Facebook Ad

Ads leave impressions and are boosted organically

Candidates often interact positively with recruitment ads. As these interactions stack up, your campaigns will reach more candidates organically, which is free.

This results in increased candidate flow and also increases your brand's visibility in your target geographies.


Pictured: A live example of a Hireline LinkedIn Ad

It's less saturated

In 2024, job boards are saturated, hyper-competitive, and expensive.

Social media (for recruiting) is the opposite, ripe with opportunity and with great unit economics because nobody else is doing it.

Maximize conversion rates

With social media ads, it's natural to ask candidates to submit their information via a chatbot instead of an application form.

These techniques increase the rate at which candidates complete your job application.

Hireline makes it easy

With Hireline, you can have your first social media recruiting campaign up and running within a week.

Why not contact us today? Hireline is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Excellent question. Hireline leverages programmatic advertising, which we'll explain in more detail below.

  • Job boards are limited to the very small pool of candidates who are "actively looking" for jobs.
  • Often, your ideal candidate may simply be "casually" looking, i.e. open to a job ad if it's presented to them but not otherwise.
  • Social media targeting algorithms drastically improved for recruiting purposes in 2021, one explanation as to why the technique is under-explored.
  • Social media recruiting is less known, so current prices for bidding to get in front of your candidates are exceptionally cost-effective, as opposed to over-saturated job boards.
  • Job boards have pricing structures designed for certain types of jobs and not for others. I.e. $40/day on LinkedIn per role may be economical for certain roles but a complete waste for high turnover roles.
  • Social media allows you to naturally direct your users to a chatbot, which are very effective at getting users to submit their information.

The more information you provide, the more effective Hireline's targeting will be. Ideally, you provide the job description, benefits, work schedule, compensation ranges, and your ideal candidate profile,. To explain a bit:

  • Hireline looks at your job as a whole and generally picks the 2-3 best selling points to put in your ad.
  • You may not realize what your role's best selling points are! For example, being explicit about the work schedule in the ad is one of the biggest levers to ensuring a campaign's success.
  • Hireline doesn't just try to get people to apply with the ad. It tries to filter non-fit candidates out, so they don't even click. Most social media sites charge per click, so this can be a big source of savings.
  • Hireline also uses your job information to determine your ad's targeting criteria. For example, if your job requires that applicants be local to an area, it can specify the ad to only be shown to users within a geographic radius.

When applicants click on your ad, they start a conversation with a chatbot instead of filling out a form. The chatbot will ask the applicant questions we need to complete their application.

It depends on the applicant, but generally chatbots ensure your candidates apply with all the required information at a much higher rate than most company's forms.

Because a chatbot is a conversation, Hireline can also save your applicant's time by informing them early if they don't meet the criteria. I.e. if they answer "no" to the question "Are you eligible to work in country XYZ".

When creating your campaign, we will work with you to ensure that the chatbot collects all the information you need.

The results vary depending on the job.

Some roles are better suited for social media. Better ROI, more candidate flow, more consistency in down-seasons, you name it. Others are already quite well serviced by job boards.

There are some patterns though! Please reach out to us if you'd like to discuss more. We're always more than happy to discuss potential fit and recruitment strategies for your company.

Any additional questions? Just contact us directly.

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