Savista uses Hireline to dramatically increase its pool of candidates for highly specialized roles

increase in applicant flow
reduction in time to hire

Savista, a premier healthcare revenue cycle management company, provides end-to-end solutions to transform financial and patient experiences. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, expertise, and services, Savista collaborates with healthcare providers to ensure optimal financial performance while prioritizing patient satisfaction. Their comprehensive approach bridges the gaps in the revenue cycle, driving both operational efficiency and fiscal health.

Industry: Healthcare

Size: 1001-5000

Candidate Flow Issues

Savista, a leading healthcare BPO company, encountered significant challenges in quickly sourcing quality candidates for their pivotal roles, notably Medical Coders, CTRs, and Eligibility Specialists.

Oftentimes, their traditional sourcing channels on job boards like Indeed “dried up” due to over-reliance. Savista needed to fill their positions swiftly in order to ensure that they could provide essential billing functions to their partner hospitals without any gaps in service.


Recognizing the limitations of their traditional approach, Savista sought a game-changing solution—Hireline. This passive candidate sourcing platform, which operates primarily through social media, presented a fresh avenue to access a previously untapped pool of potential candidates.

By leveraging Hireline, Savista extended its reach beyond active job seekers to engage with passive candidates who were oblivious to opportunities at Savista because they weren't frequenting job boards. This strategic move enabled Savista to not only broaden their reach but to also resonate with a demographic that remained untouched by their previous efforts.

Hireline also allowed Savista to screen candidates at scale across social media by ensuring that baseline qualifications were screened as candidates came in.


By leveraging Hireline, Savista achieved a threefold increase in candidate flow for their essential roles. More impressively, for some on-site roles where candidate sourcing had previously stagnated, Savista began engaging with fresh candidates they had never interacted with before.

The potency of Hireline in enhancing Savista's hiring strategy was further underscored by the dramatic 75% reduction in time-to-hire in certain cases.

Savista not only overcame its sourcing challenges but set a new company benchmark for efficient and effective hiring.